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Thursday, May 26, 2011

SARK :: Who Knew?

I spent time this morning listening to the SARK interview, really listening this time. Last class, I recall putting it on and maybe tuning it out a bit, something was not reaching me that time around. I am not familiar with SARK, have yet to seek out her stuff so she was uncharted territory for me. I heard that her stuff is in the self help aisle and then it was something about her voice, her ebullience bordering on annoying. I recalled those feelings when I started the audio interview this morning but then I made myself stop. I was alone with headphones in a quiet place internally and I told myself that I needed to stop listening with that filter. The one that says I already heard this, there is nothing new here, I can't be helped by this woman. And once I did that I began to hear what it was that I needed to hear.

365 :: 144

It's funny like that, I am realizing. The filters I use can do so many things; protect, dilute, alter the words. But once I acknowledge the way the the filter acts, which is actually just another way of saying how I am acting, it allows the message to come through.

Do you know what I heard in that 30 minutes? The exact right thing. That everything and every dream has DIVINE TIMING.

Smoke Tree

And that was the message I needed. She said that dreams do not die, do not have timelines, cannot be quelled or buried or lost once they are dreamed. The fact that I did Mondo and did a list last year and did that work and it is sitting back there in old blogs posts was totally FREAKing me out. I was feeling afraid of the list, of the dreams that I set, as if they were reminders of all that I had not done in the last year. But I listened this morning and heard that there is no need to panic, no need to get breathless and worry that I am doing/dreaming it all wrong.

That felt good. Letting it go. Not the dreams, oh no, but the idea that there is some arbitrary timeline during which it must occur. I feel new courage and belief welling up, albeit, a little slowly but coming.


I am so glad I listened this morning, really listened. I hope if you listened too the message you needed came to you.

And after I finished listening I did a quick google search and came back with this SARK image. It was like a little note from the Universe as I drove home to my kids. I loved reading through this image and hope you do too.

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  1. THANK YOU for linking that.
    Just spent a night at the pool with my boys, laughing and splashing in the deep end. I'm going to be in that pool until I'm not cool enough to play with them anymore!