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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nod to my Homegirls

Library books

Feeling a little less than inspired in some of the dream categories but I have been following the unfolding of my tribe avidly. They are in such wonderful places and I am loving all that they do. I went to the Library to find some new reads, one on writing after Kat spoke of it so beautifully and the other just jumped out from the shelf as if to say "Well maybe you can. Have you tried?". The third novel with no spine...yeah that is just a trashy novel in case I find it all too heavy.

Other wonderful reads....A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I almost cry as I turn the pages because it means I am getting closer to the end and I never ever want this book to end. And my friend's first novel, a final draft that is so good and oddly enough, set not far from the neighborhood illuminated in Tree.

And hoping that the reading will help generate whatever it is that I need in order to find movement. We'll just have to see.


  1. Hey I don't know if I ever mentioned publicly but I was NEVER a runner. I hated running. I played sports to keep in shape. I only took up running because I needed something solo I could do to stay in shape because I couldn't find any tennis partners.

    People rave about the Couch to 5K program. My friend Lindsay just ran her first mile since the 7th grade! So I know you can do it. It's just finding the mental energy and motivated to want to do it.

  2. Thank you my lovely one! And also for your email... will be replying very soon. (And hold on to that first born, hee hee, treats will be finding their way to you in the post soon after Easter.)
    Hope the The Bones brings you quiet and profound inspiration. I feel I should have mentioned in my post that it took me a little while to fully appreciate NG's zen-like style... probably because I read it on the back of Anne Lamott, who is such a ham!
    Running somehow seems a very fitting and appropriate companion for this journey. Seems to me that your intuition (a la Mondo Beyondo) is very attuned to the work you are about to do. Onward Ho!

  3. Oh I have wanted to read that book forever! A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I'm going to snatch it up this weekend.

    Let me know how the running is going. Take it slow and enjoy it! Your first race, no matter what the distance is going to be so wonderfully fantastic.