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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Mondo Beyondo Listmaking

I did as asked and put the list away after I wrote it. And after Tim read it because that is how we roll. It felt good to show him the list and let him in...but we laughed because he already knew half of it. Apparently I talk about my dreams more than I realize. Well, our dreams as they are something we share.

I asked him to write his list but he was initially really reluctant...he said ten minutes was not going to happen so instead he went for ten things. And it was awesome to read his wishes and dreams. So, it is a little like we are both doing a Mondo Beyondo course in dreaming, he vicariously and somewhat actively.

The is the first time I have written a Mondo list though I have known about it for years...I was always reluctant to put pen to paper. I think I felt like writing it was too concrete, too real, too much of a challenge, a direct request to the universe to let the dreams be. The last three years have been consumed by parenting and I am realizing that it is wonderful that I let the dreams be until they were ready to come out a play.

I have always been a person that longs to be somewhere else. Not away from the present situation, just able to easily move to another place, setting, situation, event. If we could time travel, I would jump at the chance. I think that is why I have lived in different places in the past, why I went to NYC for five years, moved to Oregon with Tim...it feels good to be in motion. The irony, of course, being that I am back here, in La Verne, raising my children in the very same home I was raised, they sleep in the room I shared with my three sisters, we walk to the same parks and have cards at the same library. And this feels good too.

SEwing Pants :: Tutorial for Marnie

As the true shape of my desires comes to light, I am feeling excited and free. Ready to clean out closets, sweep out debris, let go of extras, use what we have. Our home is shaping up, maybe in preparation of leaving it. And I am loving it all, the fear from the beginning of the week has dissipated in the face joy and internal free dreaming. And it feels really good.

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  1. I think that is wonderful. Sometimes circling back to the beginning is the only way to find your next beginning. :)