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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Secret Mission :: Share Hope

I have read about Hope Notes on the net before and thought it would be a lovely thing to do, but I never actualized those thoughts. This Monday started out with a secret mission :: to take some time to print up the Hope Notes provided by our lovely guides and then disperse. And they suggested we take some photos along the way and that is just what I did this morning.

I love that the Mondo class is helping me to initiate motion, to move towards things I thought in my mind would be nice things, but then never took to the last step, to the fruition. I feel so great this morning as I sit here writing this, loading up the pictures, wondering just who will find then and when those little notes will be discovered. Exciting and energizing.

I dropped the boys off at school and went on my regular round of 'to-do' which included the bank, the fabric store and the good ol' Target (sometimes you just have to be in the big boxes, much as I try to stay out). I took a note with me to each place, well, a couple notes and found the 'mission' part to be totally appropo...especially when sneaking pictures in the bank...
Secret Mission :: Hope Notes

Here is the bank, I figure someone walking into one of those institutions is going to need a reminder to dream...
Secret Mission :: Hope Notes

And my local JoAnn store.
Secret Mission :: Hope Notes
They are having a huge sale and I can see in my mind's eye one of the harried workers pulling out the bolt and unfolding it to find the little note and hopefully it will bring a smile to her face.
Secret Mission :: Hope Notes
When I turned to leave the aisle, I spotted something in the bin....this is a bundle of precious Heather Ross fabric, a discontinued line. Sitting there as if in wait for me.
Secret Mission :: Hope Notes
It was like a little tiny blessing from the spirits, a smile on my mission. So, I left another little note in a baby bundle of FQ.
Secret Mission :: Hope Notes

Once in Target, I left one in the bathroom, because what better place to be surprised by love...
Secret Mission :: Hope Notes

Then to the baby aisles. I figured the best place to leave one here was in the diaper rash ointment, because if a Mama or Daddy is picking this up, you know they need a little reminder that things are going to be okay.
Secret Mission :: Hope Notes

That is it for now...although we have a library visit planned for the afternoon and I have plenty of cards left. I am telling you, this exercise has really reminded me that sharing joy and hope is so much easier than you think. And though I am not able to see the folks that discover the note or know how it touches them, the act of performance on my part has left Hope scrubbed all over me.

I think I might just keep printing the notes up and keep a stash in my purse so on those days when it feels like the universe is calling for more, more dreams and hope and love, well, I will have just the ticket.

(And if you are one of my 'other' blog readers, I encourage you to play along. Make up your own sayings and start spreading your own brand of Hope. Lord knows we need it sometimes). :)


  1. I love your story and your pictures. It was like we got to go along with you!

  2. You did a fantastic job of this task!
    I've never seen "butt paste" before (we don't have this brand in Australia) so nearly fell off my chair laughing! But on a more serious note, I also found myself distributing notes where there was evidence of a little person in residence e.g. pram parked on the verandah of a house. As a new Mum myself, I could see how a little divine reassurance would not go astray.
    Great work, Amiee.
    PS Thanks so much for adding me as a friend on Mondo Beyondo. I know what you mean about "bumping into" the same people in certain blogs. I'm a new blogger and it's kinda nice to see familiar "faces". And lovely to have the chance to get to know some better.
    PPS In the Travelling with Vulnerability conversation, I put out a little offer to you with respect to articulating your secret dream. Not sure if you saw it and there's absolutely no pressure. But if you feel the inclination, my email address is katsawyoudancing@gmail.com

  3. LOVE your pics...especially the one left in the "butt paste"!!! it made me smile big...so funny!!

    i am a fellow mondo beyondo-er!!!

    thank you for sharing this!

  4. I do this! I print out quotes about kindness on Avery business cards and I leave them in library books, on store shelves, in the pockets of coats on the racks. It is always my hope that the people who find my missives will pause to think about how THEY can show kindness to a stranger that day.

  5. My first thought: So Freaking Cool.

    Second thought: I cannot believe the bank security guards didn't notice you leaving notes and taking pictures on the desk.

    You've inspired me to do this too! But I don't think I have the guts to pull this off at a bank. :)

  6. Like I siad the first time... I LOVE this idea. I am TOTALLY stealing it. :)