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Thursday, January 14, 2010


There seems to be so much to process at times, steeped in so much information about dreaming. I feel grateful and glad for this chance to let it come forward...and a little selfish too as I spend much of my time, the 'free' time looking through lessons and posts. I am finding a new well of energy to draw from, in the lessons and the ideas and the affirmations.

My dreams are not solo dreams, they cannot be right now with two small people and one very present husband. My dreams will directly affect them, shape them too, when they come to fruition. Tim and I have been talking about these dreams honestly and openly and letting them have voices and it feels so so good.

I told him tonight that I realized this week I have always had dreams, and they come to be in their due time, but for the last four years we have living the dream of children and family. It feels as if we had to put other ideas about life on hold in order to focus and become the parent people that we dreamed of. And I feel so much of that is coming to fruition, we are far from perfect in the parenting land, but we are damn good parents for our set of kids.

And so now, a new set of dreams comes into focus, ones simmering in the back burner, always part of the plan, just waiting for their light. And here it is, now, deep breathe, and my new mantra...Onward.

With these guys on board.


  1. That sounds wonderful. I'm feeling a bitch jealous right now.

  2. OMG.. A BIT jealous!!!! SORRY! LOL